Red Rooster Artisan Breads

Fun Fact: Did you know that all our breads are made from the same sourdough starter?! She’s our 14-year-old FERMENT that we fondly refer to as “mother” AND, if not fed properly, becomes unhealthy and can die!

“The key to OUR BREAD is the fermentation, and the key to fermentation is chemistry”

What is special about our sourdough breads?

Its allure is in its fascinating ability to turn water and flour into a bubbling ecosystem of wild yeasts and friendly lactic acid bacteria. The sourdough starter draws in wild yeast from the surrounding environment, and the flour you add. This explains why some days our loaves large and fluffy and other days are will be a little smaller with less air pockets. This is the effects of our ever-changing Montana Climate 

This is our most simple loaf, but our most popular. It also has a higher content of our starter which makes a sourer loaf. Loved for its tangy flavor and simple goodness, we recommend this loaf for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Plain sourdough is your healthiest option. With just four ingredients, the fermentation process does the rest to create this irresistible loaf.

A twist off our plain sourdough loaf, we’ve added fresh Tillamook cheddar and jalapeno slices to create a sourdough with a kick! We recommend this loaf for sandwiches or as a dinner side.

Thick chewy crust topped with fresh parmesan cheese and sliced green onions. This loaf is made directly out of our plain sourdough- dough. With just a hint of parmesan and green onions, it’s perfect for sandwiches, soup, or served alongside your favorite pasta.

This loaf contains less “mother” and has a higher content of whole wheat. The plain dough combined with honey, molasses, soft cranberries, and walnuts, gives us this robust, flavor loaded loaf. This is an all-around loaf, but our favorites are breakfast toast, french toast, sandwiches or dipped in a summer squash soup! 

Packed full of honey, molasses, flax, cracked wheat, and covered in sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Bitterroot Valley lavender flowers, and poppy seeds, this is by far our most wholesome loaf. Its soft, chewy, and sweet consistency combined with the seeded crust, make it an all time favorite. Best served with breakfast or as a sandwich. This loaf is used on our all-time best seller, the “TBA” (turkey, bacon & avocado) 


Our sourdoughs are a great alternative to conventional bread and healthier too! Their lower phytate levels make them more nutritious and easier to digest. Raw sourdough is home to the same bacteria that is in yogurt, Lactobacilli, which consumes the flour in the same way as yeast, breaking down some of the gluten proteins while the bread rises. We also source the purest, local ingredients. 


The perfect piece of sourdough is chewy and distinctively tangy, more complex in flavor than white bread. 

The Process

While most breads you find in your supermarket are mass produced, we prefer quality over quantity. That’s why each of our loaves are mixed in small batches, hand shaped, proofed in simple baskets, and finally steamed and baked off in our brick oven.

we look forward to serving you! Please be aware of our breakfast & lunch ordering hours:

Breakfast: 7-11am
Lunch: 11-3pm